In Need of Tech Helpers:  Workers needed for the powerpoint/microphones, etc.  Are you willing to do this - make a per month commitment or a Sunday or two...we are now scheduling 2020 services.  Experience not required - we will train. 
ST. PAUL'S ANNUAL CHILI COOK-OFF, DESSERT AND SILENT AUCTION:  held in March at Perch Point Conservation Club on Meisner Road just east of Palms Rd.  This yearly event has evolved into great food, great fun and great fellowship.  Despite the intense competition and laughter, not to mention eating too much, there is also the occasional problem of outbidding your neighbor at the gloriously delicious dessert auction.  See the photos on the Gallery page
Interfaith Food Pantry: Non-perishable food items are ALWAYS needed - please place in container in back of church.  We will bring to the food pantry located at St. Martin's Lutheran Church in Marine City & St. Mary's Catholic Church in St. Clair.  In past years we collected over $1500 worth of food items.  
St. Paul's Adopted Families for the Holidays: Our congregation helps some families in need for the upcoming holiday season with food for dinner, some basic groceries and Christmas gifts.  Thank you to everyone who brings items for Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas gifts.  Thank you again to Llinda Thueme and her committee for this wonderful service!!  
St. Paul's Women:  Needed to fill these leadership positions:  Cleaning Teams; Visiting Teams; Christmas Baskets/Trays and Executive Board.  Please prayerfully consider getting more involved in the work and committees of the Women of St. Paul's.  Contact Linda Cottrell:  810 765 4808
Altar Flowers - Anyone wishing to place flowers on the altar for a special occasion, please sign up next to the date on the calendar provided on the bulletin board.  Contact Lorna Muggelberg (810) 329-7266 or the church office for details.
Prayer Shawl Ministry:  Please keep crocheting and knitting shawls.  Prayer Quilts are welcome too!  Questions or ideas ask Shirley Simons or Patty Biscorner.  Need a pattern?  They are available also - please ask. 
Prayer Chain:  Please contact Sharon L. Bickley (810-329-2063) or Patty Biscorner pbiscorner@gmail.com to make your prayer request. 
Bazaar Committee:  Held second Saturday of November.   Our sincere gratitude goes out to the vendors and crafters -- over $2200 was earned for our community ministries. 
Worship/Music Team:  We are always looking for people to share their musical talents.  Call the church office to let us know or share an idea with Janet Teltow.  Thank you to lectors and ushers who continue to serve.  Additional volunteers are always needed.  Sign up on the Communication Card at worship or see Linda Cottrell.  Refreshments are served following the 8:30 am worship service during fellowship time. 
Cleaning Teams - Additional cleaners will be needed for 2020. To be able to stay on a 7 Team rotation or adding another team would be great.  Just an hour or two every other month.  Ladies and/or gents too!  Sign up or call the office.  
Church Signage Team - This is an inspirational and fun team to join - always looking for new members to help share the message and maintain the sign.  Please contact office if you are interested in helping.
Rada Products (paring knives, peelers, dessert servers and more) to benefit St. Paul's - see Jenny Atkinson (810) 420-0683
  • Greeting Cards - New greeting cards with envelopes 
  • Used Greeting Cards - used/new card fronts or whole cards for Woodland School, Marysville, MI
  • Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House - pull the tab, which opens your aluminum cans, and make a difference
  • BOX TOPS for EDUCATION - save the Box Top Coupon.  Also on Kleenex, toilet tissue, and many other products

All collection containers for the above items can be found in the basement or rear of the church