Sunday School begins October 2nd. 

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What does Sunday School look like at St. Paul's?

We are trying new approach to Sunday School Education Ministry while still teaching the fundamentals that we have taught for generations.  This new approach was put together by the parents of our congregation who have also stepped up as new teachers to our children.  The idea is that we learn faith not just in the classroom but within the worshiping body of Christ.  Each week Sunday School begins by gathering in the sanctuary for worship with the rest of the congregation at 9:30 AM.  The children join the rest of the congregation as we confess our sins, find forgiveness, and give thanks to God.  After hearing the lessons of the day the children come forward for a message from the pastor.  After the children’s message we sing a song a praise and send the children to class where they will explore the Bible and traditions of our faith.

The fourth (and fifth Sunday) is Family Church Sunday.  Instead of leaving mid service our children stay for the entire service.  Each Family Church Sunday Pastor will teach the children a different part of worship by inviting them forward to help me lead a part of the service.  Here they will also learn the Lord’s prayer, the Creed, and the meaning of the sacraments.  Our goal is to show our children that they are not just the church of the future, but they are also the church of today!

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